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Lead Cook
Lead Cook position at Grand Pub & Grill Posted on 2012-09-18 00:13:24
Compensation:as per experience & training
Job Type:Part to Full depending on experience
Position Summary:The person who assumes this position will have worked in this industry for a minimum of 5 years and be able to think quickly on their feet. This is a fast paced environment during peak times. Individual must also be able to direct other staff to ensure that all prep gets done for the day, and that all orders get cooked and served within 'reasonable' amount of time. 95% of our food is home cooked with house made sauces, salads etc.
Requirements:Must be able to follow instructions given by Kitchen Manager as well as follow all recipes as per recipe book. Must have previous experience working in industry as well as knowledge of food safe, WHMIS, and first aid. Some training/orientation provided Sense of humour and ability to get along with others in a fast paced environment. Kitchen new & very clean.
Benefits & Other Information:After a reasonable period benefits through Chamber of Commerce are provided. Willingness to learn how to train others, prepare orders and perform monthly inventory is an asset.
How to Apply:As specified above or in person at Grand Pub & Grill, by phone or login to apply

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Move 'Em Out Appies
Tumbleweed Nachos -
Our Signature dish-piled high with freshly made crispy tortilla chips, layered cheddar & jack cheeses,onions,tomatoes,green peppers & black olives
Texas Buffalo Wings -
By popular demand served in these flavor choices: Texas Peach,Tex Mex,Lemon Pepper,Blazing or Suicide,Peppercorn Brandy,Teriyaki,Rockin' Honey Garlic or Sweet Chili
12.00Special of the day on Tuesday and Thursday
Flacko's Dry Ribs -
Plain or Honey Garlic. No Bones here!!!!!!
Grand Snow Caps -
'To Die For' mushroom caps filled with cream cheese & crab, topped with mozza & jack cheeses & baked to perfection. Served with garlic toast
Fresh Veggie Plate -
Fresh veggies in season, with your choice of dippin' sauce.
Fang's Artichoke & Spinach Dip -
This Crowd Pleaser(secret recipe) is topped with Parmesan & Mozza cheeses & served bubbly brown with our own Home Made Tortilla Chips.
El Solo Quesadillas -
Touted as the Best Ever Anywhere! Veggies & a blend of cheeses for one person...Full size also available. Add 5 oz beef or chicken or 10 prawns for a small extra charge.
8.25 Add Chicken for $3.50
Grand Poutine -
Our Home Fries or Cross Trax, add gravy, melted cheeses & green onion! Mmmm Sorry no curds....
Campfire Garlic, Axle Greased Shrooms! -
Done in white wine 'n' garlic butter...Perfect alone or to share in addition to any of our scrumptious steaks!
Lip Smackin' Chick'n -
Lean 'n' Spicy chick'n so tender yer smackin' yer lips jes waitin' fer 'em. Choice of Taters 'er Salad
back to top Stampede Sides
Basket o' Texas Onion Rings -
Home made Buttermilk Battered Onion Rings...crispy & delicious!
Home Taters -
Home Cut or Sweet P'tater or Lightly Spiced Cross Trax Cross Trax Add 2.00 Combo Basket? 5.75
Baked or Stuffed Potato -
Baked with all the fixin's or Stuffed with potatoes blended with sour cream...topped with green onions & cheddar.
Baked $3.50 Stuffed $4.50
Starter Salads -
Choose either Caesar or Garden
Garlic or Cheese Toast -
Choose from Cheddar,Swiss,Mozza or Jalepeno cheeses.
Plain 1.25 Cheese: 2.25
Sauteed Slic'd Shrooms fer One -
Top up yer Steak or Chicken!
back to top Soup Kettle
Soup of the Day -
Cook's daily Home Made creation. A meal on its own!
Soup/Salad Combo -
Small Bowl of Soup with either a Started Ceasar or Tossed Green Salad
back to top Sagebrush Salads
Grand Mexicana -
Fresh,crisp tortilla bowl filled with crunchy garden greens & topped with your choice of spicy chicken or seasoned beef.
Chuck Wagon Chef -
You guessed it!!!!Ham,beef,turkey,cheeses,cucumber,eggs,tomatoes & carrots atop a mountain of crisp greens.
Summer Salads -
Each week try our Chef's weekly creation. Served with Garlic Toast
depending on the Salad this price varies from week to week. Starts at 10.95....Special of the day on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday
back to top Western Sandwiches
Original Western Beef Dip -
Oh yeah! Thinly sliced and piled high on warm french bread with au jus for dippin".
10.25Special of the day on Saturday
Guiltless Grillled Halibut Kaiser -
You've eaten & gone to heaven after this catch is done with ya! Taste finishes with a hint of fresh dill,green onion,lemon & Dijon mustard. oooh!
Outback Swiss Dip -
Add sauteed onions, shrooms & Swiss to the Western Beef Dip...makes a real house fav'rit
Pawnee Pull'd Pork Ciabbata -
Mound of Rickard's Mesquite Flavour'd Pull'd Pork on a fresh, warm ciabbata bun.
Citrus Chick'n Salad Pita -
Grill'd & chill'd chick'n strips, mandarin orange pieces, toasted almond slivers, olive oil mayo, fresh parsley & crisp lettuce in a Pita
back to top Grand Ol' Burgers
Cajun Chick'n -
Grilled chick'n breast brushed with our spicy cajun sauce, topped with Jalapeno cheese.
Bacon & Jalapeno Cheese
Bacon Cheddar -
Whawd' ya think?
El Grande Deluxe -
Bacon,shrooms & cheddar. Yummy!!!!!
Rio Grand Ultimate -
Are you THIS hungry?? 2 slabs of beef, double up on bacon, shrooms & cheddar-add swiss cheese and a smokey!
Deluxe Burger & Beverage -
Our tasty deluxe burger with a Bottle of Brew or Coffee or Pop Wed only...all day & night
6.50Special of the day on Wednesday
The 3 Amigos -
3 Bacon & Cheddar Beef Sliders or 3 Fish Sliders Served in our Home Made Slider Buns with Soup, Salad or Fries.
12.00Special of the day on Monday
Jake's a Turkey Burger -
Lean ground turkey, carmalized onions, tomaters, lettuce, dijon mustard 'n' reduced fat Olive Oil Mayo. Served with Fresh Strawberries
Irish SMASH Burger -
Spicy 6 oz of our lean Home Made Burg'r - Sear'd with Guinness 'n' topp'd with Chedd'r 'n' Onions
back to top Pistol Pizza/ all on WW 12
Kit & Caboodle -
Pull'd Pork, BBA Sauce, Carm'lized Onions, Red Pepp'rs 'n' 2 Cheeses
Chopper 5 -
Grill'd Pepp'rs, Onions, Zucchini, Eggplant & Artichoke Hearts
Cattle Baron -
Ground Beef, Ham 'n' Pepperoni
Peacemaker -
2 toppin's each side....You Pick em!
Miss Nancy -
Basil Pesto, 3 Cheeses, Red Onion, Tomat'rs
Mail Order Cowboy -
Spicy Chick'n, Olives, Pepp'rs, tomat'rs 'n' Feta
Nuthin' to Nobody....but me -
Create Yer Own: Veggies: 1.00 per Meat: 1.50 to 2.50 per Cheese: 1.00 per ***Ham, Pineapple, Shrooms, Pepp'rs, Hot Pepp'rs, Beef, Chick'n, Onions, Tomat'rs....etc.
10.95 plus topping fees
back to top Pasta Delectables
South West Stir Fry -
Teriyaki flavor'd, Steamed noodles & stir fry veggies.Add chick'n or prawns? 4.95
Spaghetti a la Desperado -
Spaghettini topped with our home made meaty sauce loaded with peppers, onions, shrooms & secret spices.
back to top Bunk House Meals
Campfire Hamburger Steak -
Our own 6oz burger patty smothered in sauteed shrooms 'n' onions & rich Home Made Gravy.
Ma's Meatloaf -
Lasting thru generations, this is the one mouth waterin' treat for the Hungry Man! 2 slabs of meatloaf with the boiled potatoes, cream corn & fresh bread & butter.
The Duke Steak Sandwich -
Mouth Watering 6oz New York- cooked to perfection & served with choice of salad & potato. This is our house favorite!
*Fajitas El Grande! -
A Grand ol fav'rit. 6oz of marinated beef or chicken,peppers & onions delivered sizzling to your table.We provide tomatoes,lettuce,cheddar & steamed tortillas & you build 'em your way. Served with sour cream & salsa. Fun to share!
Bunkhouse Baby Back Ribs -
Our Cooks carefully braise these ribs till the meat pulls away from the bone. Then they brush 'em with the Family's Mountain Maple Sauce & char grille 'em till mouth waterin'! Served with creamy garlic Pasta Alfredo Prima Vera & garlic toast OR choice of salad & potater.
with Salad & Potato 21.95 with Pasta Primavera 19.95
Wrangler Steak Special Daily 11-3PM -
This 6 oz simmerin' New York sandwich gits ya through to dinner. Served with fries, Salad & garlic toast.
10.95Special of the day on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday
*Cookie's Fish 'n' Chips -
Beer battered filets with your choice of fries or salad. Add $1.50 for Half'n'Half. Single Fish 'n' Taters 8.95
Jes' fer the Halibut! -
Beer Battered Halibut Filets with Choice of Potato & Salad Single fish & taters 12.00
back to top Range Rider Breakfasts
Basic 3 Egger with Cheddar -
Or build yer own from these choices:bacon,ham,sausage,onions,peppers,tomatoes or shrooms.
Usual Suspects -
Bacon or sausage & 2 eggs-your way.
8.00 Sundays: 3.25 but Ham not available Special of the day on Sunday
Wrangler Steak & Eggs -
Mouth waterin',char grilled 6 oz steak & 2 eggs, your way.
14.00Special of the day on Sunday
Eggs Benny El Grande! -
Simmered Ham & Basted Eggs on an English muffin covered delicately with hollandaise. Served with shredded hashbrowns.
Breaky Crunchwich -
Bac'n, 'n' Turkey strips, Eggs 'n' Chedd'r, toasted with Red Onion, Lettuce & some heat. Hashbrowns, or Salad or Fries if ya'd rather.
back to top The Grand Finale
Caramel-Apple Crisp -
No better partner for caramel than a nice, crisp apple. Topped with a mound of whip cream. My Granny'd be so happy with me for puttin' this one on our menu!
back to top Other Weekly Features
Tues Wing Nite -
Try any of our delicious flavors fer .40 per Wing Minimum Order of 10
4.00 per basketSpecial of the day on Tuesday
Shepherd's Pie -
Not traditional to the English version but soooo good. We use beef ends, ground by our cook's, add kernel corn, peas, onions, gravy & top with our mashed taters & cheese. Only on Monday's you say? Pity!
9.95Special of the day on Sunday
Thurs Nite Prawns. Wings & More -
Wings,Prawns,Oysta's Rockefella & More.... All so inexpensive you can all eat like a King or Queen! Starts at 4 pm
VariesSpecial of the day on Thursday
Mexican Monday -
Beef or Fish Sliders 2.75 Corona's are $1.00 off & You gotta try a DBL Margarita for $4.75. Aye Yi Yi Yi!
2.75 Regular Price $4.50Special of the day on Monday
Toonie Tuesday -
All highballs are on for a Tooney plus taxes.... Def'n 'Highball': any shot off our liquor gun WITH pop or water. No Doubles, No Juice....Have a good time! We serve it right!
2.00 plus taxesSpecial of the day on Tuesday
Burger Bottle Feature on Wednesdays -
Deluxe Burger & a local Bottle, Coffee or Pop
2 fer 1 Steak Nite Fridays -
2 x 6 oz Canadian AAA Sirloins with choice of potato & salad. Comes with Garlic Toast
23.95Special of the day on Friday
Saturday Baron o' Beef -
Canadian AAA Lean Beef sliced thin & piled high on french bread. Served with Au Jus & pickled onions. Add Soup, Salad or Fries for $2.00
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